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We are the number one resource for Yugoslavian authentic artifacts on the web, specialized for artifacts from the World War I to now. From unique and one of a kind artifacts for sale, to resources and information to educate you on items you may have or are interested in selling, we are your destination. Focusing on quality and authenticity over quantity, we have focused mainly on rare and exclusive items, more in line with the expectations of our customers.

We want to fulfil the expectations of our clients by:

  • Offering authentic quality pieces
  • Giving our customers a chance to procure pieces that are rarely or never offered on the market
  • Maintaining a solid reputation both in terms of quality and originality
  • Making available to the customer, our experience, our knowledge and our attention to details
We are always interested in procuring new collectibles for our clients. We travel the world looking for new collectibles for our customers often throughout the year. Also, with the professionalism that has always been characteristic of our business, we are interested in buying both individual supplies and entire collections of antiques, offering the highest market prices.

In particular, we are interested in buying helmets, uniforms, hats, coats, medals, decorations, badges, epaulets, flags and pennants, equipment, toys, bronze, military paintings, etc.

You can make suggestions by contacting us by phone, e-mail, on our Facebook or Instagram page.

Thank you and welcome to YU Antiques.