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Chetnik Dukes Durring '90s Yugoslav Wars

Chetnik Dukes Durring '90s Yugoslav Wars

DUKE MITAR MAKSIMOVIC MANDO was born in the village of Donje Zabrđe near Ugljevik in 1963. He was the president of the Veterans Organization of the Republic of Srpska. He died in 2002 in a traffic accident (age 39). He left behind his wife Ljiljana, daughter Božana and son Dušan. Before the war, he was a passionate football fan and played in the local club "Majevica" from Zabrđ. His qualities were then noticed by the more famous "FK Rudar" from Ugljevik.


After the start of hostilities in Croatia, he went to Knin as a volunteer on September 26. 1991, and became a fighter of the First Benkovac Brigade. Distinguishing himself with his bravery during the battles for Knin and Benkovac, he was promoted to company commander. He returns to his hometown after nine months, when Muslims attack Ugljevik. He won the Stolica relay on Majevica on April 10, 1992, and then formed the elite combat group "Obilići". After some time, Manda's rapid action unit is renamed "The Lions of Majevica". The unit had up to 600 fighters in its composition. The "Lions from Majevica" had 52 dead and 180 wounded fighters.


The unit also visits many other battlefields, except Majevički. She distinguished herself in the liberation of the corridor in 1992, more precisely in the battles for Brčko, the battles at Ozren and many others. Among other things, Manda was awarded the Order of Miloš Obilić.


He was the president of the Ugljevik Municipality Assembly and the president of the Republika Srpska Veterans Organization. After a traffic accident in 2002, under unexplained circumstances, numerous admirers paid their respects to Maksimović on December 27, 2007 by erecting a memorial bust to him in the center of Ugljevik.




DUKE SLAVKO ALEKSIC was born in 1956 in Bogdašići. He spent most of his life in Sarajevo, where he worked and studied law. He was one of the founders of the Chetnik movement in Sarajevo in 1990.


He has been a member of the Serbian Radical Party since 1990. After the murder of the old man in front of the Old Church in Baščaršija on March 1, 1992, he became the commander of the Novosarajevo Chetnik detachment based in Grbavica. He was appointed Chetnik duke by Vojislav Šešelj on May 13, 1993, and by Momčilo Đujić on January 27. 1999. He distinguished himself in the battles for the defense of Grbavica, and was wounded three times.


Among other things, with the Novosarajevo Chetnik detachment, he held Serbian positions at the Jewish cemetery, where the fiercest fighting took place on the line of demarcation between Serbian Sarajevo and Sarajevo, between the Army of the Republika Srpska and the ARBiH.


He commanded a detachment of Russian volunteers in Serbian Sarajevo. After the NATO bombing of the Republika Srpska in 1995, and after the signing of the Dayton Agreement, in March 1996 he led the exit of the Serbian army and population from Grbavica and the placing of the cross on Vrac and Miljević.


He is an active member of the Ravnogorsk Movement of the Republika Srpska. He lives in Eastern Herzegovina.




DUKE RADOVAN RADOVIC was born in 1961 in Kosovo and Metohija, to father Obren and mother Anica. He moved to Bileća in 1981 and started a family there.


After the outbreak of war in Croatia, Radović approached the Serbian volunteers who were fighting for the Republic of Serbian Krajina, on the battlefield in Eastern Slavonia.


With the beginning of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Radović returned to Bileća and on his initiative the Bileća Volunteers unit was formed, which numbered 94 members, of which 24 died during this war. Immediately after its formation, the unit recorded successes in the vicinity of Stolac. During the war, the unit went through numerous battlefields in eastern Herzegovina, from Bileća, through Nevesinje and Mostar, all the way to Trebinje, Foča and Goražde.


The only one to achieve exceptionally notable results was in the middle of 1992, in the battles on Podveležje, then during the Mitrovdan offensive, as well as in April 1994 on the Gorazdan battlefield and in September of the same year on Prenje.


Radović became a member of the Serbian Radical Party in 1994, and then the president of the party Dr. Vojislav Šešelj proclaimed him the Chetnik duke. Radovan Radović was killed in 1998 in Bileća, and the murderer was sentenced to two years in prison for this crime.


Radovan was married to Radislavka Radović and with her he had a son Miloš and daughters Marija and Milica. Today, one of the Nevesinje streets bears his name.



DUKE VASILIJE VIDOVIC VASKE he was appointed in Duke by Vojislav Šešelj on May 20. 1994. He was known for his black jeep with plastic skull and blue helmet of a member of the UN United Nations attached to its hood. He participated in all the actions that took place in Ilijas in 1995.


After the war, he was part of the personal security of Duke Vojislav Šešelj. On October 9. 2000., he shot into the air in front of the assembly in Belgrade.


Duke's Oath


"I (name and surname), swear by the almighty God that I will always and on all occasions be faithful, loyal and obedient to the Serbian people with all my soul and that I will represent its interests with my life and honor. I will never fail, nor humble myself before those who they work against the interests of the Serbian race at the cost of life and honor. I will defend and always respect the given duchy.


Everything for Serbia - Serbia for nothing! With faith in God, for the king and the fatherland!"