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Croatian Special Police Unit

Croatian Special Police Unit

On July 23, 1991. by the decision of the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Croatia, the Special Police Unit "Alfa" was established.


Although it was founded at the very beginning of the Homeland War, the capacities of SJP "Alfa" were filled very quickly, mostly by volunteers from the Zagreb Police Department, but also by other people who worked in the police and wanted to contribute to the creation of the Special Police Unit with their knowledge, skills, will and patriotism.


"Alphas" took part in all actions and on all battlefields in the Homeland War, from Banovina to Dubrovnik, where eight members gave their lives, while more than a hundred members were wounded.


With the reorganization of the special police in 2001. SJP “Alfa” expanded its scope of work to fight all forms of terrorism; resolving hostage situations, kidnappings of persons and means of transport, the most serious forms of public disorder; arrest of armed individuals and groups and insurance of protected persons in special conditions.


Also, specialist units were formed within the unit, such as alpine, parachute, pyrotechnic and diving-pyrotechnic. Daily training in stressful situations, in addition to simulating real conditions, and maintaining excellent psychophysical condition, ensures excellent preparedness of members of the special police.