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Exhibition “Defence 78”

Exhibition “Defence 78”

Exhibition “Defence 78” Dedicated to Defence against NATO Aggression


NATO aggression was the last great crime of the 20th century. The NATO aggression was the end of a horrific and bloody century, during which the Serbs had not deserved to lose millions of people.


There was not a single action of Serbia by which it caused or deserved the NATO aggression. There is no any Serbian guilt in the NATO aggression and terrible war of 1998 and 1999.


The fact that Serbia defended its own country was not and cannot be a justification for NATO aggression and NATO bombardment.


In 1999, everybody showed their true face - the Serbs showed their best, the most beautiful and the bravest face, and those who bombarded us showed their ugliest and weakest face. In 1999, there was no difference between the front and the rear.


Every citizen of Serbia was a target, and for them, every death was just collateral damage and nothing else.


Serbia has a reason to be proud, and when we think about 1999, we take pride in every soldier, policeman, officer, and citizen of this country, and I do not believe that those who bombarded us can share the same feeling with us.


The exhibition is a multimedia and interactive setup which for the first time displays video and printed material which have not been presented to the public until now, because of the strength of their impact and the way in which they were recorded back in 1999, and all the material has been digitally processed.


The exhibition was divided in eight segments, among which is the “Safe room” which is dedicated to the killed children, while visual artistry rests upon authentic artifacts from 1998 and 1999.


The exhibition is a unique way to show the heroic defense of the country during 78 days of NATO aggression, which started by an attack on the FR Yugoslavia on 24th March 1999, without the approval of the United Nations Security Council, and it is dedicated to the killed members of military, police, and civilians, among whom, unfortunately, there were many children.


If you would like to see more pictures from the exhibition go on the link: Exhibition “Defence 78”