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Kingdom of Yugoslavia Scout Federation

Kingdom of Yugoslavia Scout Federation

Scouting in Serbia has a tradition of more than a century. Only four years after the founding of the World Scout Movement in 1907 in London, a scout movement was founded in Serbia as well. The father of scouting in Serbia is considered to be Dr. Miloš Đ. Popović, who founded the first reconnaissance company in Belgrade in May 1911, following the example of the scout movement in England, which had already gained followers in other European countries. This event is considered to be the beginning of a scout organization in Serbia, which has developed and progressed since then until today.

The following year, on May 6, 1912, a congress was held in Kragujevac, at which a decision was made to establish the first scout organization, with the idea of ​​educating and educating children and youth by instilling in them a positive value system and developing awareness of healthy life habits and the importance of preserving the environment. After that, scouting in Serbia became more and more popular and an increasing number of young people joined the movement. By 1929, the movement had grown to as many as 10,000 members throughout the former Yugoslavia and was renamed the "Scout Association of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia".


In 1922, the Scout Association of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia participated in the establishment of the umbrella reconnaissance alliance at the world level - the World Organization of the Scout Movement, of which it is still a member, and which includes over 40 million scouts in almost all countries.