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Order of the Cross of Takovo (1865 - 1903)

Order of the Cross of Takovo (1865 - 1903)

Commemorative Medal of the Cross of Takovo of 1865

A decoration entitled Cross of Takovo was awarded for the first time in 1865 as a commemorative medal for the 50th anniversary of the Second Serbian Uprising.A total of 400 medals were manufactured. The medals are identical to the later Class V badges, of the Order of the Cross of Takovo. An unknown number of enameled commemorative medals also exist. The medals were manufactured by the workshop of Rothe & Neffe.


Order of the Cross of Takovo of 1876

The order of the Cross of Takovo was instituted in two classes during the First Serbo-Turkish war of 1876.

The badge was the same size for both classes:50 mm high and 42 mm wide. The classes were only distinguished by the mode to wear. The majority of badges of 1876 were of gilt silver by the unknown workshop.


Order of the Cross of Takovo 1877-1903

The order of the Cross of Takovo was already reorganized in 1877. Then the new design of the badge remained unchanged until the order was abolished. In 1877 a new, higher class was added, so the order was now awarded in three classes. In1878 the order was reorganized once more, following the pattern of the French order of the Legion d’honeur, in five classes. The order was abolished after the fall of the Obrenovic dynasty in 1903.

The order was manufactured by various Viennese workshops such Rothe & Neffe,Vincent Mayer Sohne, Anton Furst ,Karl Fleischhacker, G.A Scheid and the Bavarian workshop of Jacob Leser.The majority of the badges made by the above-mentioned workshops have workshop hallmarks, with the exception of Class V badges, which lack any markings. Throughout the awarding period, the medallions on the obverse bore both princely monograms of Mihailo Obrenovic, MOIII, and Milan Obrenovich, MOIV.