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YU Antiques Police and Army Uniforms for Rentals

YU Antiques Police and Army Uniforms for Rentals


Need a film specialist for an upcoming film, show or event? With over 20 years of supplying re-enactors across the world under our belts, we may have what you're looking for. Our helpful and knowledgeable staff are always on hand to help find the right uniforms and kit for your production, so you know you'll know you're getting high quality, accurate costume sets. We are also a great point of contact for re-enactment groups, many with film and TV experience already.



Over the course of its 20 years history, YU Antiques ex Balkan Military have built up a reputation as the go to company for Movie, Documentary Film, TV and Theatre rentals. As well as providing onset experts, the below images show just a small selection of what we are able to offer. From a Bosnia Serb VRS Army General to JNA Yugoslav Peoples Army Paratrooper, Serbian Armed Forces group to Communist Partisan soldier all of this thing you can find on our website.



In this section you will find our range of Yugoslav uniforms for hire. We have been selling these uniforms for quite some time now and thought it about time we offered them as part of a costume hire service. You can feel safe in the knowledge that you are wearing a historically correct outfit,  that would pass muster with the most avid of re-enactors or historians. We have supplied many individuals, theatre groups, and films over the years. Some of the projects where we participated: Pretty Vilage Pretty Flame, Balkanska Medja, Tri Karte za Hollywood, Regiment Slovenian Reeanactment Group....


NOTE: Please try to make your booking at least one week prior to the required delivery date to avoid disappointment, we have limited numbers of these uniforms ready to go and it takes time to badge them up correctly.


NOTE: The price includes delivery when we are sending the items to you. When the rental period of uniforms is over side that have rented the uniforms needs to pay shipping in order for the uniforms to return to us.


The costume rental offers are available Worldwide, we can send all the items via DHL Express International. Delivery date is at maximum 3-5 working days.

We regularly supply companies with multiple uniforms, already badged up and ready to go!

This is an ideal service for anyone looking to throw a themed party or for production companies looking accurate period uniforms for filming.


NOTE: If you are interested in more than one uniform, please get in touch with us by email and we can give you a quote. Please be aware that for every uniform there will be a deposit of 250 euros, but these are fully refundable once we receive the uniforms back in the same condition.