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Yugoslav Air Force Blue Pilot Coverall

Yugoslav Air Force Blue Pilot Coverall

The Air Force and Anti-Air Defence were one of three branches of the Yugoslav People's Army (Serbian – Jugoslovenska Narodna Armija – JNA). Commonly referred to as the Yugoslav Air Force, it was the most respected military branch of the Yugoslav People's Army. At its height, the Yugoslav Air Force was among the largest in Europe, and its pilots received the best education and training.  

The branch was disbanded in 1992 after the breakup of Yugoslavia, and it was succeeded by the Air Forces of the former Yugoslav republics.  

Blue pilot coveralls (flight suits) were made out of quality materials according to the strictest military standards. They were well made and very durable, designed according to the latest military specifications of that era. The producer of this coverall was Ineks Ukus factory from Belgrade. The coveralls were designed in one piece, and they were colored light blue.

They had multiple practical zipper closure pockets; two on the chest, a knife pocket on the left leg, on the sleeves, and at the bottom of the legs. The coverall has an adjustable waist belt with a velcro fastener, as well as adjustable sleeves. It has a two-way front zipper closure, and it has a thick winter liner. The coverall has a Yugoslav Air Force shoulder patch on the left shoulder – a golden eagle on the black background. The military rank insignia is placed below the left chest pocket.