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Yugoslav people's army training, march 1978.

Yugoslav people's army training, march 1978.

Yugoslav people's army training, march 1978. 

“Regiment” is a Slovenian reenactment group that pays great attention to historical accuracy and detail while portraying different armies and combatants throughout the 20th century, such as the Yugoslav volunteers of the Spanish civil war, Tito's partisans, RKKA, troops of the Waffen-SS, and Heer as well as YPA motorized units of the late 1970s. Detailed and accurate portrayal of the Yugoslav People’s Army on this level and scale would not be possible without the help of YuAntiques, which provided items in sizes that are normally impossible to find.   

The “Regiment”'s Yugoslav People’s army unit reenacted a training session in winter gear. Besides revision of the basics, the men’s acquaintance with the function of an M53 machinegun tripod stand and the use of CBRN equipment were in the focus of this group’s display. 
At YuAntiques, it is our job to provide re-enactors and collectors with superb quality authentic pieces of gear, at affordable prices. We’re glad to have supplied the “Regiment” with all the kit and equipment they needed, and we’re looking forward to furthering cooperation with the group, as well as new friends and customers. 
“Gear served us well against the elements - although soaked with water, overcoats kept us warm and comfortable." Photographs were taken by Urška Miklič 

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