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Yugoslav People's Army Training, May 1985.

Yugoslav People's Army Training, May 1985.

Yugoslav People’s army training, may 1985

Regiment's JNA unit conducted a day in the field in early spring conditions.


The focus was put into revising the basic close-order drill, as well as upgrading the knowledge of the correct procedure of reporting and other formal tasks.


After that, soldiers carried out training in orientation, operating a radio, and got acquainted with the procedure of setting up anti-tank mines.


We are happy that our unit got the opportunity to test the MOL-68 camouflage suits in the field as well.


“Regiment” is a Slovenian reenactment group that pays great attention to historical accuracy and detail while portraying different armies and combatants throughout the 20th century, such as the Yugoslav volunteers of the Spanish civil war, Tito's partisans, RKKA, troops of the Waffen-SS, and Heer as well as YPA motorized units of the late 1970s.


Detailed and accurate portrayal of the Yugoslav People’s Army on this level and scale would not be possible without the help of Yu Antiques, which provided items in sizes that are normally impossible to find.  


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